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I support you to rediscover YOU, so you can find JOY in YOUR  life and relationship again

Women's Life Coach Melbourne & Australia

Are you feeling unhappy and unsupported?

Have you lost who you are and feel alone in your relationship? Many women struggle with their sense of self after years of sacrificing themselves to be ideal mothers and wives. Years of negative, self-destructive patterns begin to take shape in unhealthy relationships–with others and themselves. Cathy Fyffe is a life coach in Melbourne and Australia who is passionate about helping women overcome relationship struggles and rediscovering joy in life.

Work With Cathy

Feel like you’ve lost your sense of self after years of self sacrifice as a wife & mother?

​​It’s time to reconnect to who you truly are, and what YOU want so that you can stop putting yourself last, and start creating your most fulfilling life possible!


I’m Cathy Fyffe and I know what it’s like to feel deeply unhappy in myself and my relationship.

After years of searching and doing things the hard way, I have completely turned my life around and now live my passion every day and have the close, loving and connected relationship I always wanted with my partner.


Now I want the same for you.

Join me for this FREE class where I’ll share the proven strategies that will support you to make the changes you want in your life so you can feel happy and fulfilled. You’ll learn:  

 The No.1 thing you need to be willing to do in order to change your life (Hint: it’s not sacrificing even more)

 The five keys you can use to rebuild your relationship (even if it feels like you’re the one doing all the work)

 How to Rediscover who you truly are, and how to create
the meaningful life and loving relationship you deserve!

​​​​This webinar is 45 minutes of great content, with no annoying sales pitches or waffle. Just proven and practical strategies that you will immediately be able to implement.

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is a personal mentor who works one-on-one with clients, giving them the tools to fulfil their goals and transform their lives. Cathy is a women’s life and relationship coach, helping women worldwide reconnect with their passions and take ownership of fulfilling joyful relationships. Online life coaching may be right for you if you need help rediscovering who you are and how to create a fulfilling and happy life.


It’s Time


Cathy’s Story

In 2010, Cathy found herself at rock bottom. She had spent years focused on making others happy, leaving her feeling drained and miserable in herself and her relationship. After attending a retreat, Cathy realised something needed to change. She began her personal healing journey and found joy again–both within herself and in her relationships. Cathy knew she wasn’t alone in her struggles, which is why she decided to start her own whole life coaching business to mentor women. With over 30 years of experience in business and consulting, as well as internationally accredited coaching qualifications, Cathy is passionate about the well-being of her clients and dedicated to helping them achieve results.

What My Clients Say


“Cathy’s program ‘Create a Life to Love’ lives up to its name! It has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. The program is structured in a very logical sequence to help you progress through any issues holding you back. My biggest struggles were connection and communication and now after just 5 months in the program things are beginning to change for me. My connections to the people closest to me are growing stronger and our communication is better than it has been for several years.

The program allows space for the personal growth that comes with completing the course. You are not rushed, and you can even go over and redo any of the modules that you feel you need more time with. The weekly online catchups with Cathy and the group are invaluable and are a safe space to share. Cathy’s insight and genuine, loving interest enables her to give valuable advice and support in any situation. I am now on my way to creating the life I have longed for!!”

– Tania Zalisz

“I was blessed to come across one of Cathy Fyffe’s masterclasses and I say blessed because it came at a time where I had been struggling for so long to feel any joy. I was miserable with life, miserable with myself and had lost all hope of getting out of my own head long enough to sow any seeds of change.

At the end of that very first masterclass, I jumped on the chance to have a one on one call with Cathy as a lot of what she shared about herself and her journey really resonated with me and I felt that she was genuinely interested in helping me rediscover myself, my beliefs and help me create my very own life to love.

In all my conversations and work with Cathy I have felt heard, understood and cared for. There is no hint of judgement. I feel safe. I come away empowered, excited for life, uplifted mentally and emotionally with renewed hope and love in who I am and the life I am creating.

With hand on my heart, I highly recommend Cathy Fyffe’s Create a Life to Love program. Her knowledge, support, guidance, tools and commitment to you and your journey is second to none.”

Summer Hinaki-McDade

“Cathy is a very honest, calm and kind-hearted person. My mentoring experience with her was one that changed my life. I gained confidence and learnt a lot about myself in many aspects. She was able to teach me skills in both business and personally; these are skills that I continue to utilise and have built upon.

Cathy was an investment for me at the time, one that I have found is continually giving back.”

– Concetta Sergi

“One of the things I love about working with Cathy is that I always feel that she is truly invested in my wellbeing. She makes you feel like she has all the time in the world to listen to you and spend time focusing on you.

I also love Cathy’s manner; she has such a warm and gentle way of working with you and also makes me laugh out loud as she’s truly honest and real.

I have issues with trusting people, but I don’t have them with Cathy. I trust in what she says and does comes from her heart and it’s something you can actually feel when you work with her.

I would recommend anyone work with Cathy if they are wanting to understand themselves better to live a life in alignment with what they love.”

– Jennifer Barker, Sydney

“Cathy is tremendous in her immense ability to set the space to allow me to work out what my life purpose is. She has an innate way of asking the pertinent questions for me to come to a conclusion about my situation without actually telling me what to think. And her gentle approach allowed me to explore all possible options without feeling that there is a right/wrong answer.

Through my experience with Cathy and the program I have been able to make inroads into my own evolution and make my decisions in alignment with my own values. The biggest takeaway would be that I am able to stand and speak my own truth, which wasn’t possible a year ago. Thank you Cathy.”

Jackie Cox

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Book your free 45-minute Love Your Life Consultation today.
Cathy will speak to you one-on-one about your situation and what her amazing program can do for you. There is no life coach in Melbourne more passionate about helping women.

Services and Programs

What are you missing in your life? Cathy’s online life coaching services may be right for you if you want to:

  • Understand and know yourself better
  • Get help aligning your life with your values
  • Seek emotional healing
  • Build your confidence
  • Start fulfilling your dreams and experience more joy
  • Rebuild your relationships


‘Create a Life to Love’ Program

This 6-month program will take you on a beautiful, personal journey to rediscover your inner spark and heal your relationships. For six months, you’ll enjoy weekly and as-needed support to embody the fulfilling life you deserve.  

1-Hour Personal Coaching

In your 1-hour whole life coaching call with Cathy, you’ll work through specific relationships and areas in your life. Cathy will give you tools and strategies to rebuild and transform your happiness.

1.5-Hour Values Session

In this transformative call, you will uncover your personal values and learn how to realign your life to reflect your true desires. When you start living true to yourself, you will feel more joyful and optimistic about life.

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