Cathy Fyffe

Hello, Cathy Fyffe from create a life to love here. Each week I’m going to be coming to you and sharing a relationship tip with you, because I’m all about keeping loving relationships together, if at all possible.

And my first tip is, don’t give up, where there’s still love, there’s hope. And even though it might feel like you’re the only one working on the relationship and wanting to make things better, and you’re the only one making an effort, know that one person can change a relationship. One person who’s willing to hold the vision of a better a better connection can absolutely change the relationship.

And even though I know it sucks to think, Why do I have to be the one? Think about what the alternative is? If you give up if you step out of creating that loving connection, what’s the result then years and years of disconnect till one or both of you just say, absolutely, there is no love here anymore. In fact, we’ve moved from love to contempt and there’s nothing left. Now, that’s not where we want to get to. So while there’s still an ounce of connection, and love there, there is absolutely hope and you can be the person that changes your relationship.

I’m not going to get into the hell today, only to know or to reassure you that one person can do it and that person is going to be you.

Look forward to my tip next week about what you can do to keep those fires those love fires burning. Bye for now.

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