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Regain Your Spark and Zest for Life, and Create a Life and Relationship You Love

Presenter: Cathy Fyffe

Women’s Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Feel like you’ve lost your sense of self after years of self sacrifice as a wife & mother?

​​It’s time to reconnect to who you truly are, and what YOU want so that you can stop putting yourself last, and start creating your most fulfilling life possible!


I’m Cathy Fyffe and I know what it’s like to feel deeply unhappy in myself and my relationship.

After years of searching and doing things the hard way, I have completely turned my life around and now live my passion every day and have the close, loving and connected relationship I always wanted with my partner.


Now I want the same for you.

Join me for this FREE class where I’ll share the proven strategies that will support you to make the changes you want in your life so you can feel happy and fulfilled. You’ll learn:  

 The No.1 thing you need to be willing to do in order to change your life (Hint: it’s not sacrificing even more)

 The five keys you can use to rebuild your relationship (even if it feels like you’re the one doing all the work)

 How to Rediscover who you truly are, and how to create
the meaningful life and loving relationship you deserve!

​​​​This webinar is 45 minutes of great content, with no annoying sales pitches or waffle. Just proven and practical strategies that you will immediately be able to implement.

Masterclass Host: Cathy Fyffe

Women’s Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Supporting Women to heal emotionally and create lives and relationships they love. Cathy is a fully qualified coach, Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant, MBA Graduate, wife, mother and step mother. 

What my clients say

“I was blessed to come across one of Cathy Fyffe webinars and I say blessed because it came at a time where I had been struggling for so long to feel any joy. I was miserable with life, miserable with myself and had lost all hope of getting out of my own head long enough to sow any seeds of change.

At the end of that very first webinar I jumped on the chance to have a one on one call with Cathy Fyffe as a lot of what she shared about herself and her journey really resonated with me and I felt that she was genuinely interested in helping me rediscover myself, my beliefs and help me create my very own life to love.

In all my conversations with Cathy Fyffe I have felt heard, understood and cared for. There is no hint of judgement. I feel safe. I come away empowered, excited for life, uplifted mentally and emotionally with renewed hope and love in who I am and the life I am creating.

With hand on my heart, I highly recommend Cathy Fyffe’s Create a Life to Love program. Her knowledge, support, guidance, tools and commitment to you and your journey is second to none.”

Summer Hinaki-McDade