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The book – Her Story

“I desperately wanted my marriage to work. I wanted us to see a counsellor or get external help, but my hubby didn’t think we had an issue.  In his mind the issues were mine.”

My story is part of an international multi author book with other women who presented at the “Her Story” Global Conference.

This book holds the stories of 10 women from around the world who have overcome struggle or adversity. These women have changed their lives and want to support, inspire and encourage others to do the same by sharing their stories. If you are looking for inspiration, these 10 true stories will not only inspire you but will also touch your heart.

My chapter is pretty raw and vulnerable making and in it I share the challenges I had being a step mum, my struggles within my marriage and how I felt growing up as one of 11 kids.

It feels scary putting my story out into the world. I do so because I know there are other women who grapple with similar things:


*Do I stay or do I go?
*If I stay what can I do to rebuild my relationship?
*Who am I now?
*How do I find my voice and what is it that I want to express?
… and all the other challenges that leave us feeling alone and unfulfilled.

This book is for you if you have ever felt alone and misunderstood in your relationship or have contemplated leaving your marriage. If you grew up thinking that you don’t matter or you are not enough, and you don’t know how to turn your life around.

“I felt like I had lost my voice in own home.  I felt like what I wanted or needed was not considered. I felt alone and completely misunderstood.”


These challenges created the misery that led me on my growth journey to understand myself, what makes me tick and to take full responsibility for my happiness, my relationship and my life.

“I finally understood that it was the beliefs I was holding that were sabotaging my life.”

I have learnt so much through this process it completely transformed my life and relationship and as you know I now have the privilege of teaching other women how to rediscover themselves so they too can create a life and relationship they love.

I learnt that in a relationship the two people can be very different with different values, as long as there are points in their lives where they connect and come together and where some of their values are shared values.

I’ve written my story because I want other women to know there is a way through it and its actually very doable.

The cost of the book is $36 including postage in Australia and $50 for international.

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