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Cathy Fyffe

Today’s tip isthat simple concept of, do you want to be right or do you want to be in relationship? So many of us are committed to being right, to point scoring, or needing to make our point, often at the expense of our relationship.

If our partner doesn’t do something perfectly, or they forget, and we remind them,  we take on these personas of being the martyr.  “Oh poor me, I have to deal with everything, I have to be responsible for everything, I have to hold all the information in my head, and they keep getting it wrong!” That need to be right all the time, is actually a big barrier to connection.

I invite you to ask yourself, how much is it costing you to be right? Is it actually costing you the connection you want? Could you consider letting some things go through to the keeper and not doing the “I told you so” or, “You can’t do anything, right.” If you can let some of that go, you’ll let go of some of the tension that exists between you and you might open up some space where you actually connect and create a new way of being instead of being committed to being right.


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