Cathy Fyffe

Hello, Cathy Fyffe from create a life to love back with another relationship Hot Tip. And when we talk relationships, the relationship that is actually most important is the relationship you have with yourself.

So today, it’s about asking yourself or reflecting on, what is the relationship I have with me? How do I speak to myself? What’s the voice that goes on in my head?

When I think about me? Do I treat myself with love, compassion and kindness? Or, like many of us? Am I constantly berating myself? Am I judging myself way more harshly than I would ever judge? Anybody else? Am I holding myself to expectations that nobody could possibly meet? If I’m not perfect? Am I highly critical of me? If I’m tired? Do I listen to what my body’s saying and rest? Or do I think I have to push through I have to push through. I’ve got to keep proving myself to everybody in order to be loved.

The question is, do you love you, and what is your relationship with you? It’s our relationship with ourselves. That is the genuine thing. It’s not a great word. But it’s your relationship with yourself. That’s the key indicator of how happy content and fulfilled you will be in your own life. The relationship with others is a bonus.

So if your relationship with you is struggling, if you’re, if you know, that you don’t love, accept and embrace all of who you are, then it’s time to do something about that. Because you’re the one that you travel through life with. And you’re the one that’s got to love you, before any of your other relationships are going to work.

So if you know that you need to do some work in that area, please reach out to me, that’s the space that I work in. That’s the stuff that I love to help women with. So I’ll put a link in below where you can book a time to have a chat if you’d like to. But really, please get that it’s really the relationship with you that makes all the difference.

So love, be compassionate and speak to yourself like you would your own best friend. That’s it for today. Enjoy your week. Bye for now.

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