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Women’s Life Coach



Sydney is known as Australia’s most diverse cosmopolitan city, with superb beaches and the famous, iconic Opera House. In this busy, beautiful city, women face an array of challenges, both personal and professional. However, where a lot of women get stuck is the “how” of overcoming these obstacles. Finding a life coach in Sydney has become an increasingly popular way to overcome these difficulties because life coaching works. No woman is an island, and having a women’s life coach to help support and give you direction when you’re at a loss can help get you where you want to go.

How A Life Coach Can Help You

Is your relationship falling apart, and you feel lost and unsure about how to fix it? Do you feel like you have lost who you are and what is important to you?

Even though your friends and loved ones may offer advice and comfort, they might not always be the best support. No matter what challenge you are facing, a women’s life coach can help guide you through it.

As a life and relationship coach, my focus is on the present and future, rather than past traumas and grief like therapists and providing strategies and tools to navigate your life. I can help you identify the beliefs, patterns and obstacles that are holding you back and develop a roadmap to reach your goals and achieve the life and relationship you desire.

Investing in a life coach in Sydney is a wise decision.  The benefits of working with a women’s coach are immeasurable compared to any costs of staying, stuck, miserable and possibly divorcing.

Working with a women’s life coach can help you heal emotionally, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, help you plan how to achieve your goals, and address the struggles in your life. You’ll also gain better work-life balance, and improved communication skills to enhance, heal and maintain healthy relationships with those you love.

How to Find the Life Coach For You

Locating a life coach in Sydney isn’t like finding a doctor. While there are criteria they should meet in order to be qualified as a women’s life coach, that’s not the most important part for you. When searching for a life and relationship coach, you should focus on a few key things.

Discovering the Areas that Need Improvement

Your life coach search will depend on what you want to change or improve about your life.

Is your marriage falling apart, or are your friendships always filled with drama for no discernable reason? Maybe you feel like you want to be a better friend but aren’t sure how to do so? An Australian relationship coach can help navigate you through these important changes.

Finding the Right Life Coach

Before searching for a life coach near Sydney, it’s best to make a list of some of the characteristics you’re looking for. Your women’s life coach should feel like a safe person to talk to, who is supportive and nonjudgmental. They should have a personality and experience you connect with and can create synergy while remaining professional. You should never feel like you have to hide things from your coach.

Some questions you may ask yourself beforehand:

  • Does it matter to you what age or gender your coach is?
  • What techniques or methods do they use?
  • What experiences should they have?
  • What is your preferred process of communication/interaction: online or in person?

Asking these and other questions before diving into your search will ensure you find the best life coach in Sydney. Remember, life coaching will help you on your personal journey, and the key to success is finding a coach for which you resonate.

I have worked through struggles – professional and personal – and have over thirty years of experience in business and consulting. I have also obtained internationally accredited coaching qualifications, which makes me uniquely qualified to be your Australian relationship coach.

How to Start Your Journey

As a struggling woman who wants to rediscover my lost spark and live a life I enjoy, I know that sometimes the best way to find out if a certain life coach in Sydney is going to work for you is to simply try them out.

That’s why I’m excited to share that Cathy Fyffe offers a free 45-minute “Love Your Life” Consultation session. During this session, you can get to know me and begin building trust. We’ll focus on identifying the barriers that hold you back from reaching your best self and what you want to achieve, with no obligations.

If you want to get a feel for how I teach and guide, you can register for my free masterclass. This is a free 45-minute webinar that shares proven practical strategies for reclaiming your life, rebuilding your relationships, and recreating who you truly are.

I believe that every unhappy woman deserves to rediscover her lost spark and live a life she enjoys. Are you ready to reach your potential? Come chat with me to see how I can guide you to the path of creating a life you love.

As a professional life coach in Sydney, I hold formal qualifications in the arts and business, with over three decades of experience in business and consulting, and internationally accredited coaching qualifications. But what truly sets me apart is my personal journey of growth and transformation.

In 2010, I was on a retreat during a difficult time in my life, feeling alone and unappreciated in my marriage while also struggling to balance motherhood and running a business. It was during this time that I realised that if I wanted my life to change, I needed to change the way I approached it.

Rediscovering the truth of who I was and the tools and strategies to take control of my life has transformed me into the coach I am today. As a mother of two teenagers, a stepmother, and a dog lover, I understand the challenges that family life can bring. That’s why I’m passionate about helping women believe that they are enough and that happiness is attainable even amidst the struggles of family life.

My coaching style is characterised by kindness, openness, and a non-judgmental approach. I’m dynamic and caring, practical, down-to-earth, and wholly invested in my clients’ well-being and success. When I’m not coaching, I enjoy spending time with friends, experiencing new things, and travelling.