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Cathy Fyffe

Relationship Hot Tip Number nine is to recognise that your partner is not responsible for your happiness.

Not only are they not responsible for your happiness, they can’t be everything to you. You  need to be your own person. Many women think, “If I want to go to the movies, but my husband doesn’t want to go, then they don’t go. O you want to go somewhere on holidays and he doesn’t want to go so you don’t go. You want to socialize with somebody, if he doesn’t want to go, you don’t go.

What I want you to think about is the fact that you can do things without him.  And that doesn’t mean that your relationship is in trouble. It means that you have a full life and full interests and that you are a person who is willing to pursue what it is that you want.

You know, there’s no downside to this ladies. Top up your own tank by doing the things you enjoy, even if he’s not interested. It’s okay to have separate interests. In fact, it makes you a more interesting person. It allows you to bring back something new into the relationship rather than, only relying on each other for all of your social interaction.

So my tip is, be brave, go out, do the things that you want to do. You’ll love it. He’ll enjoy it as well gives you guys both a break and you bring something new back to talk about and it fills your own tank so that you feel better, which means you show up in a with renewed energy.


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